The Dolmen Hotel

The upgrading of an existing 5,000 sqm seafront hotel garden where the principal concern was the accurate selection of plants suitable to withstand both full sun and extreme windy conditions in winter.

Project team
Melina Scodanibbio and Eliza Costabel
Project management
Eliza Costabel
Peppe Micieli

The brief consisted of incorporating existing large specimens and design all softscaping and various areas of hard landscaping in both the main garden as well as the beach club. The plants in the design range from a variety of cacti and succulents to soft grasses and bright bloomed shrubs in a palette of warm colours - reds, oranges and vivid yellows. The 2 specimen trees, red flowered Erythrina caffra and Neodypsis decaryi, give an instant mature look to the garden while the smaller plants fill out. The Beach club plants were even more carefully chosen as they needed to be able to withstand almost total submersion in salt water during winter storms. Together with our supplier we chose extremely hardy plants whose natural habitat is the coast, and which can tolerate both salinity and strong winds.

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