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Mediterranean Landscape & Garden Design

Our design formula infuses the earth's natural forms, textures and colours, with function and unique atmosphere.

We create and embellish exterior space by giving it a story and transforming it into a sensory experience.

Who we are

We are a Malta-based landscape design studio specialising in creating unique gardens and outdoor spaces in residential and commercial settings. We provide a comprehensive design process to transform any outdoor space; from a terrace to rural plot, home to office park.

Our designs are carefully planned by considering the vision of how the space would like to be used and most importantly, the lifestyle of who will be making use of it.

We prepare detailed drawing layouts that involve planting, hard-landscaping and outdoor architectural elements, outdoor lighting and furniture and decor.


Landscape Architect

Suzie Samut Tagliaferro BA Landscape Architecture Kingston University, London

Fascinated with how the natural world blends with functional space, design and usability, Suzie completed a BA in Landscape Architecture and Design at Kingston University in 2014. Whilst gaining experience designing alongside local designers and architects, her interest and knowledge surrounding mediterranean planting continued to develop until she decided to set out on her own with a studio dedicated exclusively to creating beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces. Suzie leads the whole process starting with defining the brief with clients, creating the design and full set of planting and construction documentation and later coordinating the implementation team of gardeners and builders.

Since the inception of The Garden Studio, Suzie has successfully completed a large variety of landscaping projects spanning from quaint backyards to large gardens, constantly being inspired by the island’s unique low scrubland and garrigues and always merging each client’s specific needs with planting schemes that will flourish in the Mediterranean climate and topography.

“I am delighted with The Garden Studio's design. They immediately understood what I was trying to achieve and also suggested design options that I had never considered. The proposal reflected and built on a particular taste which was aimed to enhance and blend with a rural setting. The Garden Studio exceeded expectations to create the garden I aspired for. They worked attentively, kept in touch and provided support throughout the landscape design process as my new fabulous outdoor area materialised. I have no hesitation in recommending The Garden Studio's work.”
M. Aquilina

Why CONSIDER HIRING A landscape architect?

  • Our plant knowledge enables us to consult and design gardens that look vivacious and lush all year round.
  • Landscape design arouses an innocent, playful curiosity which evokes exploration and fun.
  • A well designed exterior space increases the value of your property.
  • Creating a relationship between indoor and outdoor living is vital for a holistic architectural experience.
  • Nature encourages people to dedicate energy and time to nourishing plant life, in turn nourishing their sense of well-being.
  • We curate a space using the blend of hard materials with the elaborate shapes, forms, colours and texture of plants, to create atmosphere and experience.
  • Exposing yourself to nature and greenery amplifies ones over all emotional, psychological and physical state.
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