Consultation and Site Visit

We start each project by scheduling an on site appointment to be able to conduct a site evaluation. We will discuss how you envisage using the space, together with any existing setbacks that you would like to be addressed in the proposal.


Design Quote Proposal

After our site meeting, we are able to analyse the scope and time required to complete the design of your project. We will then present a document outlining our work process which includes our landscape design fee. Should you confirm the proposal, a start date for the project to begin will be discussed.


Concept Phase

This phase is communicated by a presentation which illustrates the over all look and feel of the design style. An 3D Visual representation and the initial proposal of materials, planting schemes and architectural features are involved in this phase.


Design Development Phase

After deciding on a number of elements, we refine and develop the selected concept to its full identity. A design documentation package which consists of scaled and detailed plans of the soft and hard landscaping of the project is generated on order to obtain quotations for the construction of the garden.


Construction and Implementation Phase

Once the design phase is complete, we begin the procurement of quotes from our preferred suppliers and tradesmen. At that stage we will provide a document with costings, plants and materials and once the implementation proposal is approved, we prepare a timeline for when to execute the design.



To ensure the longevity of your garden, at the end of each landscape implementation project, the appointed soft landscaping contractor will offer a professional monthly maintenance program or a seasonal pruning and pest control treatment.

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