The Barn House

Knitting the exterior space to a recently renovated traditional farmhouse.

Project team
Suzie Samut Tagliaferro and Eliza Costabel
Project management
Client's own

Blending perfectly into its surrounding landscape, this traditional farmhouse was to be transformed into a family's haven in the middle of the mediterranean. After a couple of visits on site, we gathered that the brief was encouraged by the fact that the architectural value of this property was very distinctive. Our main objective was for the project to be ideal for rest, relaxation, entertainment and play. To create a certain choreography and flow, we began by segregating the site into different zones. This initial exercise was crucial to set foundations to be able to introduce space for hard landscaping that would be later complemented by soft landscaping. The site proposal contained areas for a citrus orchard, pool area and a rock garden in the background, an outdoor kitchen, a front patio and a space for mediterranean style terraced planting.

The overall tone and atmosphere was established by using a mixture of textures of the local stone in various spaces of the property. Another interesting aspect of the project was proposing two main entrance points. We chose to dedicate each to different functions. One to be used as a ceremonious pedestrian route up to the building and the other for a practical and effortless route for vehicles.

The planting scheme includes evergreen shrubs such as Rosmarinus, Teucrium and Myrtus. Together with a variety of sun loving succulents like Agave Attenuata and Agave Ferox with the contrasts of grasses like Stipa tenuissima and Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster' that blend further into the present landscape.

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