The Alley way Garden

A spectacular home and its garden require a new flow, connection and renovation.

Project team
Suzie Samut Tagliaferro
Project management
Various Contractors
Various suppliers

Upon entrance through a narrow quaint alley way, this house radiates a special kind of energy. Its stone walls have layers of history and charm that eventually lead you outwards to a homegrown garden that too has a story. Discovering that each plant found in the soil holds some kind of importance, the brief for this project was to embellish the area beneath the existing mature trees together with designing a connection to the other part of the garden that leads to the jacuzzi and indoor pool.

The proposal involved restructuring the existing garden wall to make space for a fully outdoor kitchen and bar, joining onto the outdoor dining area. The use of travertine flooring and limestone paving slabs were chosen to complement the metre thick exposed stone walls of the garden. After completing the design of the outdoor kitchen and hard landscaping, a study of the sun path was taken in order to determine which plants would be suited best in this mystical environment.

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