The City Terrace

A central penthouse terrace is given a renovation by introducing new raised flooring, planting in pots and chic accessories to complement the client's lifestyle.

Project team
Suzie Samut Tagliaferro
Project management
Suzie Samut Tagliaferro
Various Suppliers
Various Suppliers

Overlooking the capital city of Valletta, the south facing terrace has an existing pool and is perfect for entertaining, dining and lounging. Having a fast-paced lifestyle and travelling regularly, the client's taste and style is a fusion of inspiration from all over the world. Our design direction was towards giving the terrace a chic, clean and lush look all year round, despite the extreme conditions of wind and heat. Although the plant list is low maintenance, our choice is amongst vibrant sun lovers such as Cycas revoluta, Lavandula pedunculata, Cortaderia selloana and Stephanotis floribunda.

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