The Cactii Terrace

A south-facing sunny terrace presents the perfect canvas for Xeriscaping. We designed compositions varying in scale, colour and texture to achieve eye-catching focal points.

Project team
Melina Scodanibbio and Eliza Costabel
Project management
Eliza Costabel
Peppe Micieli

Since the clients visit the island about 3 or 4 times a year, the brief was a low maintenance terrace. When they do enjoy the island, they also appreciate the good view and a terrace full of plants. We opted for cacti and succulents sourced from all over the Mediterranean to be able to achieve an architectural look created using different sizes, shapes and textures of the plants. We designed different compositions to achieve that unique touch the client was looking for. The pots are a mix of client's selections from her trips to Asia together with others that were hand picked by us, that were all carefully curated to give the right balance and composition.

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