Spinola Park Planting

This design project was focused on the use of indigineous plant combinations to bring the elevation of this terraced building, to life.

Project team
Project Team: Design by Melina Scodanibbio and Eliza Costabel
Project management
Eliza Costabel
Peppe Micieli

The Spinola office park, located in the heart of a bustling town, was the perfect canvas to bring to life. Using a variety of plant combinations that truly energise the building all year round. The Unique planting compositions using hardy Mediterranean species ensures a long term foundation. The scheme has been carefully curated to be appreciated from several view points, such as, from the street level below or whilst experiencing the terrace first hand. The fresh looking terraces are complemented with mixture of textures and colours, with foliage that is soft and also architectural. Upon approach, one may notice an injection of greens, purples, reds and earth tones lining the balconies.

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